Thursday, 13 July 2017

To Dr Tim Hill - CORRUPT NTCG Must Pay

Message to Dr Timothy Hill General Overseer of the Church of God organization 2017.

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It’s been around 3 years since one of the Bishops from the New Testament Church of God England & Wales called my mother a liar and a hypocrite after she died. I have kept fairly quiet for some time. I was waiting to see if the head office from the New Testament Church of God England and Wales organization cared about the suffering that I went through.

 I waited to see if the National Overseer in Northampton was going to send someone on his behalf or even send a letter or email to see how I was after my mother died and how I was coping after the disgusting behaviour of the Bishop of the church in Aldershot against me.

The truth is the New Testament Church of God head office did nothing. Your staff don’t really care if someone has suffered, let alone by the hands of your own staff.

So as the New Testament Church of God England and Wales has no interest in a soul that has suffered, I am asking for the General Overseer Dr Timothy Hill to return the offering that my mother and I have given since the 1970’s. My mother’s offering was good while she was alive for your organization but after she died one of your staff, the Bishop of the Aldershot church called my mother a liar and a hypocrite.

So Dr Hill, as your organization did not see fit to remove the Bishop of Aldershot from his position then it seems like your organization approves of his behaviour. If he was removed you would not be hearing this message from me. So your organization has brought this on themselves when it was easier to remove the corrupt Bishop.

I went through all the correct procedure even contacted the office in the USA. You can see it all in the links below.

 So not only am I asking for you to return to me all my mother’s offering but also compensate me for what I have suffered. I have suffered mental anguish, symptoms of stroke, headaches, escalated breathing problems, depression and pains in my body due to what I have had to go through because of your staff.

Notice that I have not gone to the court. That is too easy. The Bible said don’t do that. As I have gone through all the correct procedure and still no justice has come I have to communicate to you this way.

Dr Hill can you see what happens when an organization claims to follow Christ and the Bible but they really do not? 

Maybe you and the people around you follow the Bible but the head office in the UK and the Bishop in Aldershot clearly do not fully comply with it. The Bishop in Aldershot should in no way be in the position of running any church and the national overseer should not be in his position either.

Dr Hill I suggest when you contact the national overseer in the UK that you should ask him about the situation I am talking about. Neither the Bishop in Aldershot or the national overseer are fit for their positions.

I look forward to receiving the offering my mother gave for around 40 years and also compensation for my suffering.

You can contact me by going to and sending an email or click here and contact me using the website if there is a problem. This is also my website.

Dr Tim Hill, corrupt NTCG must pay.


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