Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Spirit of the Levite Returns

It is no secret that some churches in Christianity have become a terrible place to visit, but remember God has not forgotten you. God is with you where you are. He will raise up his unheard of and forgotten prepared people when He gives them the signal to rise up.

In February 2017 over a number of days I would hear the word Levite being said in the spirit world. This continued to the point I had to research the name.

In my research I found that Levites get given God’s portion.

I personally have never heard of anyone before in my lifetime getting the Levite name spoken to them. It was revealed to me that the connection to God and the Levite spirit is now connected to me.

For over twenty years I have suffered and been traumatised for every door I went through to gain the knowledge I have to make life easier for others and myself. While other searchers gave up or committed suicide I kept on going. As I kept on going I reached the the kingdom of Heaven (yes I made it to the kingdom of heaven).

While Christianity is crumbling, God and his Word still stands unmovable.

I do believe God has prepared different people all over the world for when Christianity collapses.

The spirit of the Levite returns.


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