Sunday, 30 August 2015

Virginia TV Reporter Shooting Looks SO FAKE

Virginia TV Reporter Shooting Looks SO FAKE

Part 1

As soon as I watched the first news report I said, "This is so fake."

1. When the gun man is walking up to the three people, NO-ONE looked at him at all.

2. In another video it shows the reporter looks straight at the camera when the first shot is fired. Wouldn't a person look at where the sound came from first?

3. First news report said the gunman shot the camera man first then the reporter. In the gunman's "video," the camera man is not shot first.

4. The news camera man slightly flinches and STILL holds the camera in position even after 2 shots are fired.

5. The first shot is aimed right at the female reporters belly, then arm then back YET she still manages to turn and run away and NOT drop to the ground.

Part 2

The whole event in my opinion is based on 2 things.

1. Gun control. The government wants to remove guns from US citizens so they cannot defend themselves.

2. The use of a race war black vs white to divide people based on color. It's NOT WORKING as well as they thought it would. So get ready for the next staged tragedy which calls for gun control or race hate.

My guess would be that a fake news report could be a black man rapes a white under-age child or a white man rapes a black under-age child. Or maybe it won't be a child but an adult. They just used the "gay black man" card with the Virginia shooting so now could come the faked "child abuse" or "rape" card. They could even use a real child abuse or rape news story to get their desired effect.

Part 3

What also came to my mind is that the shooter walked up to where the TV reporter was and allegedly shot her and the cameraman. How did the gunman know that the TV reporter and cameraman was going to be at that exact spot at that exact time? I have no idea where any news reporter is going to be tomorrow. There was no crowd around so obviously it was not a "come on down, we will be at ..... tomorrow." How did the gunman know to be there? 
He was said to have been fired from that news company in 2013 so why did he choose to take revenge 2 years later? That makes no sense. Usually when some people are fired, they shoot up the place that same day or a day or so later, not 2 years later.

Wait for it... maybe soon they will say that they found a Koran or a Bible or ISIS literature in his home or on his computer.

It’s another distraction. Something big is on its way. We will see what it is in time to come.

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