Saturday, 29 August 2015

USA Look Out! Russia And China in Military Drill

Today is the 29th August 2015. Within recent days Russia and China trained together on a military drill.

See article here:

That article was posted on the 24th August 2015. That is the SAME DAY the Dow dropped 1000 points. 


Just 3 days before the article was posted, ABC news reported about a NUCLEAR DISASTER drill to take place in the USA. CLICK HERE

“The notice came overnight: Get ready to respond to a nuclear disaster situation in Southwest Florida. Be ready to deploy for a week."

These are signs that something could be about to change the world.


This union between Russia and China was predicted many years ago and was said that they would join to attack the USA.


It’s good knowing this information, but what are you going to do about it? If something happens who will guide you?

I was given understanding of signs and have lived by them for years. They have helped me out so much and have given me warnings to avoid a person, a place or a situation and has also given me signs to go to a place, a person or situation. Before a world shaking event happens, I suggest that you find out these signs so you can use them to help you.

The signs are in the book titled Revealed At Last in the chapter called “University of the Highest Education International.” Learn the signs and remember them. We are definitely living in a time where things are changing. 

I advise you to get a paperback version of this book as I believe power outages are going to be widespread. There are countries suffering periods without electricity. Armenia in 2015, is one country who have had their electricity cut off randomly for 5 hours a day. This has caused large protests against their government. 

With a paperback you will still be able to carry the book, with the helpful signs, around with you without having to use an electronic device. 

CLICK HERE for more information.

We are living in what seems to be the End Times.

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