Friday, 7 August 2015

The Law Of Attraction Is NOT The Same

This is NOT The Law Of Attraction

I was asked if my new website I Attract Good is the, "Law of Attraction." I will categorically tell you that it is NOT!

In the Law of Attraction you hear people talk about asking the universe for what they want. There are also evil forces in the universe that can give things too. What if a child molester used the Law of Attraction and received what they desired? Would that be right?

So what makes I Attract Good different?

I am linked to the place in the universe called the Kingdom of Heaven. The portal to this place was opened over 1900 years ago. It is a kingdom that will not honour evil requests.

It took me around 20 years of self sacrifice and trauma to be able to reach this level. That is why, after I reached this stage, I was told to create I Attract Good.  It’s not just material things you will attract but miraculous experiences will happen because I entered this level.

I Attract Good has already worked (Click Here).

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