Sunday, 30 August 2015

Prostitutes, Drug Dealers and Gang Members

Prostitutes, drug dealers and gang members. 

I know people who rarely trust anybody.

You know the things you have been through more than anyone else. 

We all will die one day. We all have our expiry date.

What I have come to realise is this world is our temporary school to work out who we are and what skills are within us to find and use.

Regardless who you are, when your experience on this earth is over, you can make it into the next world.


There is someone already in that next world who can get you into that place. It's a man. He knew what his purpose was on earth and then returned to the world he came from. 

He knew that he had to go through some unimaginable circumstances to achieve what he was born for. He was whipped with sharp spikes in the whip, spat at and tortured. He was beaten until he was unrecognisable. He was mocked. He had sharp spiky thorns squeezed down into his head. He had a spear thrust into his side until water and blood came out. He also had the agony of having nails hammered into his hands and feet.

He took all this punishment for everyone in the world yet he wasn't guilty of any crime.

It is said that whoever believes in him shall have everlasting life. That's what he came for. In the next world, where he can get you into, you will have your tears wiped from your eyes. You will not be hungry any more. There will be no-one to harm, threaten or abuse you. No more worrying about trusting people. Money will no longer be needed to hustle for. You will be safe in that world beyond earth. Take a deep breath.


I am not affiliated to any religion or organization. You may say, “You sound like a Christian talking about Jesus.” There are Muslims who believe in Jesus too but that does not make me a Muslim.

Whatever your circumstances are know that you too can make it to the next world.

You only have to believe in the one who was tortured for you - Jesus Christ, also known as Yeshua. After that, keep on living.


The world is going to go through unprecedented changes. Coming world events including earthquakes, floods, wars, financial crisis etc, have been predicted to cause mass loss of life. So believe in Jesus Christ before the first event occurs. 

People die all the time but not all end up in the next world where Jesus can get you into. That place of peace and love.

I ask that the good Watchers who watch earth and sit in that world beyond this planet, to send help to you to ease your mind and help you in your life.

I hope to see you in that new world.

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