Monday, 24 August 2015

Millionaires Could Lose Their Millions OVERNIGHT!

Millionaires Could Lose Their Millions OVERNIGHT!

Whether you are from the UK or not, this will affect the majority of people who have over the insured amount in their bank account.

Just a few months ago I showed that bank accounts in the UK are insured for up to £85,000. Today the 24th August 2015 I saw information stating that from 1st January 2016 that amount would be slashed to £75,000.

This is what part of the email said:

“On 1 January 2016 the deposit protection limit is changing from £85,000 to £75,000. If your bank, building society or credit union fails, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects your eligible deposits up to the deposit protection limit (currently £85,000 for most depositors)”.

Later on in the email it shows how much you could lose.

“Your eligible deposits held at the same bank, building society or credit union are added up in order to determine the coverage level. If, for instance, you hold eligible deposits in a savings account with £70,000 and a current account with £20,000, you will only be repaid £75,000 (or £85,000 for most depositors until 31 December 2015).”

It makes you wonder, who really owns the money you have worked for? It seems almost insane to even believe the money you have saved can be wiped out over night.

Even though this information psychologically puts your mind to 1st January 2016 it does not mean a financial crash could not happen tomorrow and you lose all except £85,000. With the market crash that has happened recently there is no “safe time” for your money to be safe in the bank.

Can you imagine going from £5 million to £85,000 overnight? That is the truth of the possibility RIGHT NOW as it stands.


With the predicted financial crash coming this could only mean one thing. A restart is going to happen. From what I have learnt over the years, it is going to be a highly spiritual reset which will encompass social, financial and climate changes.

Before your wealth is wiped out, you can use the excess that you have. To counteract those who created this manufactured problem in the first place, instead of following their spiritual pattern of control, link yourself to the kingdom of heaven so you can receive what you need. 

It is highly possible that you can attract good even after the financial crash has happened. See

The portalkingdom of heaven - is open to those who are ready to receive from it and use what comes from it. If you want to attract good now is the time to believe. 

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