Thursday, 6 August 2015

DREAM: August 2015: Military Cargo Plane Crashed With Nuclear Energy on Board

DREAM: August 2015: Military Cargo Plane Crashed With Nuclear Energy on Board

On the 6th August 2015 I had a dream that I saw a military cargo plane coming in to land. I was watching through the window in my home. The plane came in too low and hit some roof tops then crashed. 

Hundreds of people ran towards the crash site. Then all of a sudden I saw all the people turn around and run the opposite way. When I looked again out of the window I saw this huge dark grey cloud of smoke come from the crashed plane going towards the people.

I went outside and realized the immense heat on the ground and in the air. I saw spots of fire about 5 inches in circumference in different places dotted all over the ground. 

A thought came to me that what was in that plane was nuclear energy.

I knew I had to leave my home and everything inside it and run as the heat was so hot. Then I ran back to pick up my phone and charger in my home. Then I went to look for some jeans but had this strong feeling I just had to get out and run so I left everything and ran.

I remember running back to my car towards the heat. I didn't know if my car would start but fortunately it did and I drove away from the heat.

Then I was in a supermarket and people were looting. I realized I had no more possessions. As I had nothing, and I guess all who were in the supermarket also lost all their possessions, I went to look for things I would need like toothpaste and soap.  Some people took what they needed and left. I took longer and security came so no-one else could leave without paying.

I had no money and wondered what I was going to do. Then I woke up.


Maybe this dream means something. Maybe it means nothing. We will wait and see.

Three days after I posted a dream I had about heavy bricks crushing down, a building collapsed and killed people. I can’t remember where it was. I think it happened in India. It was a major news story.

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