Sunday, 30 August 2015

David Wilkerson Would Be Furious

David Wilkerson Would Be Furious

Christianity in certain parts of the world has lost its purpose.

David Wilkerson gave Christians a clear example of who the good news is supposed to reach.

With what is happening today by some Christian organizations would leave him furious.

I have already showed that God has spewed America out of his mouth. See youtube link

The reason is, Christianity has compromised so much that now it is unrecognisable from its roots when Jesus walked the earth. Few Christians follow the gospel.

See this short 2 minute video of how David Wilkerson started.

David spent time with the prostitutes, drug addicts and gang bangers.

Listen to what this dangerous violent gang banger said about Pastor David. This is a lesson to all believers when they confront feared and dangerous people.

It’s time for the gospel to be preached throughout the world so Jesus can return.

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