Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Catastrophic Build Up Before The Pope’s US Visit Sept 2015?

Catastrophic Build Up Before The Pope’s US Visit Sept 2015? 

This is just a thought. Whether this comes true or not don’t come back to me and say it never happened.

I just felt to write this as I sat and looked at the world right now.

In the USA 

1. Fires have been burning in 9 states.

2. California is drying up.

3. Experts have said a big earthquake in California is overdue.

4. Fifty days until a “Shake Out” earthquake drill in central US involving FEMA and the Red Cross.  

5. Recent market crash affected the NYSE.

6. The Federal Reserve moves out of New York to Chicago in case anatural disaster or other eventuality could shut down its market operations

There is more happening in the USA but I chose these important facts. As I type this on 26th August 2015, could there possibly be an unexpected catastrophe scheduled to happen imminently or before the Pope arrives in the USA on 22nd September 2015?

If a world shaking 9/11 type of disaster happens before the Pope arrives it would be set up perfectly for him or other prominent figures to address the situation and bring about new world changes at one of his speaking engagements.

Let’s, for example, say a shocking event happens in the USA or somewhere in the world on 31st August 2015 (18 years to the day Princess Diana died).

That would give the world population 2-3 weeks to come to terms with the shock. Then whatever speech that has ALREADY been prepared for the Pope or other important people, can be said before or after 22nd September.

Again, I am just thinking about the world right now. I would rather share my thoughts now than say, “I wish I had posted it back when I had the thought, instead of after the situation happened.”

We will see.

See this video on youtube about the shocking prophecy that God has spewed America out of his mouth. Click on link. 

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