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Corrupt New Testament Church of God is a Sham

Corrupt New Testament Church of God Establishment UK is a Sham

For the first part of this account of Corrupt Bishop Malcolm Cummins and the head office of the NTCG see this link

Summary of Events:
      1. The New Testament Church of God Head Office sent a letter of apology for Bishop Malcolm Cummins behaviour to the son of the deceased lady. Letter date: 24th October 2014.

      2. No disciplinary action was given to Bishop Malcolm Cummins for his behaviour. This is not the first time he has behaved this way. see link:

       3. The following is an email from the Church of God headquarters in the USA who are above the NTCG UK (New Testament Church of God England and Wales)

Church of God Head Office USA
3rd November 2014
You did the right thing by contacting the head office in the UK, unfortunately, unless we have this matter brought to attention by other members of his congregation or the head office there, than there is nothing further that can be done. We have to trust that our head office in the UK handled that matter in the best way possible, that is our protocol. Also, just because you only received an apology, doesn't mean that the pastor was not disciplined, we have to trust those who have been placed in leadership position to handle situations as they see fit. We hope this answer is helpful to you.

COG Internet Ministries"

            4. Bishop Malcolm Cummins was NOT disciplined, suspended or removed from his position at the New Testament Church of God in Aldershot UK. This means he is allowed to go unpunished for causing stress, illness and mental anguish for the son of the deceased lady. All this seems to be ok with this establishment. Even the head office in the USA failed, as the head of the organization due to “protocol.” This is how a business is run not how Jesus Christ and the Bible went about the message of the good news.

Isaiah 10
 1 Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;
To turn aside the needy from judgement, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!

       5. They failed to give justice but they are quite happy to boast about how much money they have spent on church buildings.

Aldershot church renovation cost: £300,000 (US$478,816)

New Testament Church of God headquarters building/renovation cost: £900,000 (US$1,436449)

Willesden Church £1.2 million (US$1,915266)

Handsworth Church : £4.5 million (US$7,182247)

Forest Hill Church : £500,000 (US$798,027)

All these churches are part of the NTCG. The list of how much money they have spent on buildings continues. Here is their link: (Scroll to page 18-22)


       6. The New Testament Church of God can afford to allegedly spend over £40,000 (US$63,833) to bring to the UK motivational speaker TD Jakes for a 2-3 day conference. It would have been much cheaper to play one of his videos on the big screen at the conference than fly him over. He performs the same way wherever he goes. 

Because of the disrespect to his dead mother by Bishop Malcolm Cummins, the UK NTCG head office and the HQ in the USA, Peter Hutchinson suffered stress, headaches, symptoms of stroke, serious health problems, depression and mental anguish and received no justice and no compensation. 

It seems ok to spend so many millions of pounds and time on developing church buildings than to give justice for ONE person against a corrupt Bishop, is too much to ask for.

Is the NTCG church more interested in taking money from people to develop buildings than to give justice to those who have been treated very badly?


MARCH 2017 UPDATE The Chairman of the Church of God USA ADMITS the church system is FAULTY! This is what I was trying to show you 3 years earlier. Watch the video at this link. Click on this link

You can contact the son of the deceased lady at

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